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kXML is a small XML pull parser, specially designed for constrained environments such as Applets, Personal Java or MIDP devices. kXML 2 is based on the common XMLPull API. kXML 3 will be available in versions for both, XmlPull and StAX.

kXML also supports WBXML (WAP binary encoded XML), which allows to parse WAP or Wireless Village content.

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Woodstox (aka WoodSToX aka wstx) is an Open Source XML-processor written in Java, that implements StAX API (version 1.0). StAX specifies interface for standardJ2ME "pull-parsers" (as opposed to "push parser" like SAX API ones); at high-level StAX specifies 2 types (iterator and event based) of readers and writers that are used to read and write XML documents.

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NanoXML is a small XML parser for Java. NanoXML comes in three different components:

* NanoXML/Java - The standard parser for Java.

* NanoXML/SAX - A SAX adapter for NanoXML/Java.

* NanoXML/Lite - An extremely small (6KB) XML parser which is the successor of NanoXML 1. It only provides a limited functionality: no mixed content and the DTD is ignored.

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Minixpath is an XPath processor built for the J2ME platform. It uses kxml as xml parser.

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Mirae is an open source implementation of JSR 172, which provides a capability of accessing web services to the mobile platform. This project provides a stub compiler that creates all the code J2ME applications need to execute simple programmatic calls to an existing Web service.

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 * License Apache License, Version 2.0


kXML-RPC is a J2ME implementation of the XML-RPC protocol built on top of the kXML parser. kXML-RPC empowers J2ME devices with an extremely lightweight mechanism for exchanging data and invoking web services in a neutral, standardized XML format.

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wsrf4j2me is an implementation of the Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF) for the Java 2 Microedition (J2ME). It is built on top of the ksoap2 API.

It has been developed with the intent to allow direct access to Grid Web Services.

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 * License GNU General Public License 2.0

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